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Volunteering and Healthy Living » The Rock- The Maniac of Muscle Growth

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The Rock- The Maniac of Muscle Growth

Look like Hercules: Dwayne Johnson’s Exercise, Diet and Everything in Between

The role of Hercules has been done many times over and surprisingly there has been no hype that has been conceived about the role that has made a big difference than this current unveiling of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as he took on the role of the popular demigod. In interviews, Johnson clearly stated that he was ready and willing to do his best to not only play the part but also look the part.

Although he has had the opportunity to get himself out there and really dedicate a lot of his time and effort to physically turning into a character, Dwayne Johnson admits that taking on the role as Hercules was a far harder battle than any of his other roles. He had to take into consideration a lot of small details that he was not too keen on focusing on before like the way he eats and trains – he had to put on an even more serious perspective to his entire routine.

Workouts were on hyper drive

The main goal that Dwayne Johnson wanted to achieve as he played Hercules was to take his body and transform it into a bigger vessel as that is what he deemed the demigod look should turn out to be. Since agreeing to become one of the most beloved mythical heroes, The Rock invested half a year to get himself into shape.workout

He had already expected to do most of his usual workout regimens like working a lot on each of his body parts everyday of the week, but the intensity of each exercise and the volume of the workout were more intense and more challenging than before.

It took him 6 days of exercise every week to get to focus on each of his body parts, Mondays were for chest, Tuesdays for legs, Wednesdays for abdominal and arms, Thursdays for the back, Fridays for the shoulders and Saturdays once again for the legs. So just imagine having to work out each day and packing on an average of 5 to 7 exercises a day – indeed the extra effort was a task Johnson had to take in order to get the best results and physical change.

Diets were more precise

Adding onto the workouts, Dwayne Johnson had a 22 week strict diet ritual that also took a lot of strict disciplinary action. He had to deal with food choices that not only provided him the energy he needed for every workout but these also gave him enough investment for additional body mass and increased muscle gain.

What made up his diet were high quality food in the form of lean meats and protein, high fiber vegetables and complex carbohydrates. Meals were usually set up and he had to consume a whopping 7 meals each day and what was crucial in terms of his diet was the task of having to measure out some of the food that he ate like the carbohydrates and protein.

Supplements helped a lot

Although the food he ate were already very high in quality and contributed a lot in the development of his overall body development it was still very crucial for him to take some supplements during his journey into turning into Hercules.

Common supplements he had to take were ones that helped him with recovery and keep him fairly active and more energized during exercise like protein shakes, creatine capsules and even a dose of caffeine one in a while. Source: http://herculeshuge.com/dwayne-johnson-muscle-supplements-for-extreme-growth/

Truly the look of Hercules brought about a lot of rave reviews for Dwayne Johnson and being able to achieve what he has done takes a lot of dedication and a great level of discipline. Proving yet again that hard work at the gym plus an exceptional diet and supplement program is the key to changing the body.

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