Volunteering and Healthy Living » Kim Kardashian – The Opposite of Solidarity :P

Volunteering and Healthy Living » Kim Kardashian – The Opposite of Solidarity :P

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Kim Kardashian – The Opposite of Solidarity :P

Why Would Kim Reveal Her Secret To The World?

Among the many diseases that deal with the false signals from the immune system, psoriasis has got to be one of the least occurring as only 2-3% of the population suffers from it. What is sad about this though is the fact that not a lot of people are knowledgeable of the disease so much so that those who suffer are afraid to be out in the open in fear of others being disgusted about their condition and eventually be ridiculed and mistreated.

Notably seen on the surface of the skin psoriasis is a condition that occurs when the immune system mistakes healthy skin cells for foreign particles like bacteria and viruses. When this scenario happens the immune system triggers an alarm signaling the creation of more skin cells and what results are red rashes that look like very thick excess skin that is ready to peel off.

It can happen to anyone

Back in 2011 a popular reality TV star was featured all over the news as she admitted of having to suffer from psoriasis. Kim Kardashian-West did what was never done by any other psoriatic individual before – admit out in the open that she had the disease.

One of the best things that came out from this celebrity revelation is the fact that psoriasis is nothing to be ashamed of and that it is a curable disease. Although there are further studies that are needed in order to establish and reveal a direct cure for psoriasis, there are a lot of options to consider that enable psoriatic patients to control the outbreaks.

It cannot infect anyone

Whether people chose to admit it or not, it is the unsightly appearance of psoriasis rashes that seems to make it a taboo disease, and a lot who experience it do not have the guts to say they suffer from it. Do not let this appearance fool you though as psoriasis is a non infectious disease that cannot be passed on through any form, even despite touch or sharing personal items.

The disease is however carried on from generation to generation, so families who have blood relations that have had the unfortunate chance of experiencing psoriasis may increase the chance of passing on the gene to the next generations. Despite having the gene there are a lot of factors that may or may not cause the outbreak of psoriatic rashes and patches.

It can be triggered

There are lot of things that can be considered when psoriasis happens to a person, and aside from the obvious contribution of genes, there are other triggering criteria that somehow flips the psoriasis switch on. Among all the observations and studies one of the triggers that is said to blow up a psoriasis attack is stress in any which way or form.

Though evidence has not been thoroughly experimented on, physical trauma, emotional difficulty and other stress filled scenarios are presumed to add fuel to the fire of psoriasis. Of course there are other factors that also contribute to these red inflamed patches such as an extreme lifestyle filled with alcohol and smoking, plus certain medications are also set up to reveal an increase in psoriatic attack.

It can be controlled

Curing psoriasis is a bit of a challenge since technically doctors have not been able to find a cure for it but it can be controlled and decreased through many different methods. Topical creams, moisturizers, anything that relieves the pain and itchiness is considered to be a great solution for psoriasis.

More advanced solutions to psoriasis would include having doctor prescribed medication that directly work to decrease the occurrence of patches and remove the inflammation and itching. For more extreme measures, some are even put through ultra violet light therapy that directly targets the skin and decreases the appearance of the red blotches.


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